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When Cinderella Lost in The Jurrasic Park (part 1)

 Written and Illustrated by Ika Indah Sari
NPM : 2014 12500 339
Indraprasta PGRI University

Language Skill : Reading and Grammar  For Grade 7
Learning Objectives : Students are able to pronounce  and understand the meaning of the words in the text correctly.
Students are able to identify past form verbs.
Students are able to identfy adjectives.
Students are able to construct sentences in past form.
Students are able to write simple story in past form.

When Cinderella Lost in The Jurrasic Park

As Cinderella’s mother passed away, her father remarried a widow with 2 daughters. The widow had a beautiful face but her heart, nobody knew. Cinderella’s father was a merchant who always travelled for a long time to sell his goods.

At the beginning of her father’s new marriage, Cinderella’s step mother was very kind happened, until his father was sure enough to leave Cinderella with her new family. 

Cinderella’s father decided to travel. He told his daughter to be good and respect her step mother and sisters jut like her own mother and sisters. Cinderella noded her head, which meant she agreed. She let her father go, eventough heart refused .

After her father left Cinderella began to know the real life with her step mother and step sisters. Her step mother’s  beautiful face infact hid a very mean heart. She trated Cinderella just like a maid. She and her daughter always demanded Cinderella to serve them, from their clothes until their food. Cinderella never had enough rest. She laways had a lot of work to be done and slept very late every night.She was very sad. 

 One day she went to a river bank to wash their clothes, she remembered her parents then she cried bitterly. She cried and cried until she did not realize that the river current getting swifter. All of sudden, the clothes drifted . When Cinderella knew about it, the clothes already quite far away. She ran as fast as she could along the river bank to get the clothes back, but infact she could not get them. She ran further and further until she reached to a forest and heard a loud roar.

 She looked around to find the source of the sound. She was very shock when she saw many pairs of gigantic eyes were watching her. Those eyes infact belonged to uncountable dinosaurus. She did not know what to do. She just thought that her death was coming soon. And it was true! The biggest dino came to her and picked her up with his mmouth. It started to toss Cinderella hiugh in the air and caught her back, Cinderella screamed loudly, but none could hear her voice.The dino played this way for several times until it saw Cinderella did not move and sreamed anymore because she had lost a lot of her energy , finally the dino put Cinderella down.

The dino put Cinderella down under a big tree. It watched Cinderella closely. She did not move at all. Suddenly the dino went to a river and get water into its mouth. It went back to Cinderella and sprayed the water to Cinderella’s face. After a while, Cinderella started to open her eyes. The dino looked happy.With her pale  face, Cinderella tried to speak with the biggest dinosaurus which was in front of her face. She tried to open her mouth, even her heart was not sure whether it would work or not. 

She spoke softly with gestures. “W h o a r e y o u? “. “I do not want to harm you, please dont harm me.....”, she begged with her tears fell on her red cheecks. Suddenly the biggest dinosaurus came to her and stroke her head with its big foot. “Pprrrrrrrr..........”, it said. It led Cinderella to take a ride on its back. 

Cinderella’s body was shiverring. She trembeled while she climbed up the dino’s back. She sat on the dino’s back, and the dino started to carry her and walk through the forest with its crowd behind it.Cinderella did not know where the dino was going to bring her. She just closed her eyes and rode on it.

After a while she took a ride, the dino suddenly stopped. Cinderella opened her eyes and  found herself and the dinos in a beautiful gigantic park. There was a water fountain in the middle of the park.A clear river crossed the park. So many beautiful flowers with their fragrant smell grew there. The dino led Cinderella to get down. And with its gesture asked Cinderella to play with them and enjoy the park. 

The dinos served her many fresh fruits and caught her many fish. Cinderella raosted the fish. She ate greedily as she had not eaten anything in the morning. After she ate, Cinderella swam and played with the dinos happily. They took turn to swing Cinderella with their  big feet. Cinderrella was very delighted.
After they felt tired, they stopped playing. Cinderella told the dinos the story of her life and  told the dinos that she wanted to stay with them and did not want to go back with her step mother. The biggest dino nodded its head with a smile on its face. Then, Cinderella and the dinos continued playing happily in the forest.

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